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KZ Ustka - Our Church
The Church in our city came into being in 1991. Right from the beginning it was situated at ul. Lenej 2 until 2016. Actually we are building a new church building at ul. Darowska 35, Ustka: New KZ Ustka Church
The Zielonowitkowy (Pentecostal) Church doctrinaly is a Protestant-charismatic Church. We are not a sect, either a so-called denominational alliance.
As one amongst few communities (churches) in Poland we are in accord with the State.
We function on the basis of the Law (Dz. 41 from 1997 "Law about the State's relation to the Zielonowitkowego (Pentecostal) Church in the Polish Republic").
Our name is ladled from the Bible, The Day of Pentecost Acts 2:1-13 - the coming of the Holy Spirit.

If you want to get to know in detail our doctrin and history we invite You to the main website of our Church:

Our services:
  • Sunday (also online), at 10:30
  • Tuesday (Prayer meeting), at 18:00
Here a picture of some believers from our church:

KZ Ustka - Nasz zbr KZ Ustka - Nasz zbr

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